Working for a living can be such a drag sometimes. It can be seriously annoying and really interferes with all the fun stuff we’d rather be doing, like sitting at home, not wearing pants. But, let’s face it; we need that paycheck, so every day we slog into the office and do our best to muddle through the day.
One thing that can improve even the worst work environments is having a few funny coworkers with whom to interact. If you’ve got a handful of quirky work BFFs by your side, suddenly the day flies by. Whether they’re playing funny pranks on you or simply commiserating with you about your “Case of the Mondays,” it’s always good when your colleagues have a sense of humor.

26Sometimes My Colleagues Draw On My Daughters Photo With Whiteboard Markers

27For A Coworker That Quit, Came Back And Now Quit Again

28'My coworker and I just realized something'

29My Colleague Uploaded The First Photo Of His Unborn Child

30Saw This Phonetic Alphabet On My Coworker's Desk

31Ran To My Car Because My Coworker Said Someone Slashed My Tires

32My coworker is a flat earther and it's his last day

33It's My Boyfriend's Birthday Today. This Is Card He Received From His Work Colleagues

34We Have A Wallpaper Forest On One Of The Walls At Work. I Wonder How Long Till The Boss Notices My Upgrade

35My Coworker Cut Her Hand Open Making Avocado Toast And Had To Get Stitches. Today, I Had This Ready In Her Office When She Came Into Work

36An ER Nurse And Her Coworkers Decided Gummy Bears Needed To Be Renamed

37My 19 year old coworker drove Power Wheels to work. That’s a car battery on the hood.

38In Case Of Fire, My Coworkers And I Are Screwed

39Had A Killer Craving For Cheetos Today, Coworker Delivered

40I Work In A Call Center And A Gay Coworker Handed Me This Note

41I Work In IT, Finding This In The Server Room Made My Day

42Coworker Made This For Me. I Guess He's Trying To Send Me A Message

43My Manager Posted A Note In The Break-Room. My Coworkers Took Action

44My Boss Complained About My Coworker's Hair Being Too Long. Soo She Fixed The Problem

45Got Called In For A Meeting With HR Recently About 'Appropriate Language In The Workplace'. The Next Day This Gem Mysteriously Showed Up On My Desk

46My coworker decided he wanted a standing desk

47My coworker handed me this and walked off without saying anything. I'm a guy.

48The Quote Of The Day At My Office

49Winters Are Tough On Slower People

50I Asked A Coworker A Question When She Was On Vacation


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