Working for a living can be such a drag sometimes. It can be seriously annoying and really interferes with all the fun stuff we’d rather be doing, like sitting at home, not wearing pants. But, let’s face it; we need that paycheck, so every day we slog into the office and do our best to muddle through the day.
One thing that can improve even the worst work environments is having a few funny coworkers with whom to interact. If you’ve got a handful of quirky work BFFs by your side, suddenly the day flies by. Whether they’re playing funny pranks on you or simply commiserating with you about your “Case of the Mondays,” it’s always good when your colleagues have a sense of humor.

1My Mom's Office Had A Decorating Contest For Their Cubicles. My Mom Is On The Left, But I Think Her Neighbor Deserved The Win

2It's My Coworker's Last Day So We Made A Pillow For The Office To Remember Him By. He Wasn't Happy

3The calibre of the people I work with...

4Today Is My Coworker's Last Day. She Told Me I Could Have Her Family Pictures

5We Shrunk A Coworker's Desk While He Was On Vacation. (Art Director For Scale)

6My Colleagues New Desktop

7A Lady In My Office Has A Basket Of Green Army Men In Yoga Poses

8I Heard A Coworker Say, This Segway Is Terrible. I Turned Around And Found Him Like This

9I'm A Nice Colleague

10I Work In An Eye Clinic. One Of My Coworkers Had This At His Desk

11No One At Work Has Taken Responsibility For Decorating The Christmas Tree, For The Last Week It Has Been Propped Up In Its Box Waiting. Today This Happened

12Don't Fu*k With The IT Guy Who Hasn't Seen The Finale Of GOT

13My Coworkers And I Can Never Decide Where To Eat For Lunch, So We Made A System To Help Us Choose. I Give You The Hungry Games

14It is my friend's birthday and the girls he works with decided to make him feel special.

15Got to work with the engineers at the National Geographic Society. I think they are doing it right

16A Colleague Found A Use For An Old Cisco 5500

17What It's Like Working With All Women And Their Lunch Purses

18Office Antics

19Historic Marker At My Office

20I Bought A Tiny Violin To Play When My Coworkers Complain

21Our IT Guy Went On Vacation And Left Us This Note

22Fire Alarm At My Work

23My Co-Workers Think They're Hilarious

24My Office Held An Easter Egg Decorating Contest. I'm Not Artistically Inclined

25The people I work with are animals.


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