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1Airedale Terriers

Airedale Terriers carried messages for soldiers during World War 1 and were very dedicated to their duties. One named 'Jack' ran through half a mile of enemy fire. He made it to headquarters with his jaw broken and one leg badly splintered and died just after delivering his message. - Source

2. Among all the dog breeds, golden retrievers are the most prone to cancer. It is estimated that up to 75% of all golden retrievers will get cancer during their lifetimes.- Source

3. The boxers are named so because they will paw at you, or 'box you', to show affection.- Source

4. The skulls of pugs are so malformed that if you pull on a pug's leash too tightly, you might pop one of their eyeballs straight out of the socket - Source

5. Greyhounds are universal blood donors, and with few exceptions, blood from any greyhound can be given to any other breed of dog. - Source


Pugs originated in Tibet and were brought as presents to the ladies of sailors as presents and went by the name "little Turks." - Source

7. German shepherds were renamed to "Alsatian Wolf Dog" after World War 1 due to the anti-German sentiment of the era. - Source

8. Pomeranians are sled dogs that have been miniaturized. - Source

9. Three border collies have been trained to run around a Chilean forest devastated by wildfire in 2017. They wear special backpacks that release native plant seeds as they run around the forest.- Source

10. When dogs get the "Zoomies", it's known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods, or FRAPS, which is pent-up energy.

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In 2016, when a sheepdog named Pero was sold to a sheep farmer in Cumbria in United Kingdom, he escaped the farm and made a 240-mile solo journey back to his birthplace of Ceredigion to reunite with his original owner.- Source

12. In 2016, a bloodhound joined a half marathon in Alabama after her owner let her out to go pee. She ran the entire 13.1 miles and finished 7th.- Source

13. Miniature Australian Shepherds have such a strong herding tendency that they will try to herd little children. - Source

14. A senior Labrador retriever named Ma Kettle was surrendered to a shelter by her owners. She then escaped her new home and walked nearly 30 miles to return to her previous owners- who would not take her back. - Source

15. In 2007, a 9-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named George sacrificed himself to save 5 children from an attack by 2 Pit Bulls. All 3 dogs had to be euthanized, but George was posthumously awarded a PDSA Gold Medal and his heroism was commemorated with a bronze statue.

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16Black Russian Terrier

After World War 2, the Russians used 17 different dog breeds to create the “supreme military dog” and named it Black Russian Terrier. It looks like a giant fluffy poodle.- Source

17. The Great Dane was first bred in Germany, not Denmark, for boar hunting. It is the national dog of Germany, where it is known as a German Mastiff. - Source

18. In 2009, an Australian cattle dog named Sophie fell overboard in rough waters off of the Australian coast. She swam 5 miles to an uninhabited island, and survived for 4 months by hunting feral goats before she was rescued.- Source

19. Pit Bulls were once known as "nanny dogs" because of how kind and protective they were of children. - Source

20. A British bomb detection dog named Theo died from stress a few hours after seeing his handler get shot. The pair had set a record for bomb detection, and the dog was posthumously awarded an honor equivalent to the Victoria Cross. - Source


Dogs were originally listed as non-self-aware, due to failing the "mirror test". However, since dogs are not visually oriented, a new test, "sniff test of self-recognition" was developed, and it has shown significant evidence of self-awareness in dogs.- Source

22. Dachshunds look like they do because they were bred to hunt badgers and other animals that live in burrows. - Source

23. The Cordoba Fighting dog was a dog breed so aggressive it preferred to fight rather than mate, leading to its extinction. - Source

24. Bloodhounds are so adept at scent tracking that the results are admissible evidence in a court of law. One of the greatest sleuths in canine history was a Kentucky bloodhound called Nick Carter. His dogged persistence led to the capture and conviction of more than 600 criminals throughout his career. - Source

25. Rottweilers were known as "Rottweil butchers' dogs" because they were used to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat and other products to market. - Source


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