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50 Fishy Facts about Fishes

26Bluefin tuna fish

In 2013, a 500lb bluefin tuna fish was sold in Japan for 1.8 million dollars. - Source

27. Goldfish have teeth in the back of their throat.

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28. The blobfish is actually a normal looking fish. It just decompresses when you take it out of extreme depths. - Source

29. Dolphins sometimes purposefully get themselves pricked by pufferfish to get high. - Source

30. Freshwater fish only "drink" water through their skin via osmosis, while saltwater fish also drink water through their mouths. - Source

31Female fish

Female fishes have been observed to sometimes fake orgasms to dupe males into thinking they have copulated. They then swim off to find a better partner. - Source

32. There are more species of fish found in the Amazon river than they are recorded in the entire Atlantic ocean. - Source

33. There is a deep sea fish that takes advantage of the fact that fishes can't see a red light, and illuminates its prey with a beam of red bioluminescence so that it can hunt with an effectively invisible beam of light. - Source

34. The blood of eels is more poisonous than some snake venom, but cooking or digesting the blood renders it harmless. - Source

35. A koi fish named Hanako lived for 225 years.

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36Blue Tang Fish

The Blue Tang Fish 'Dory from Finding Nemo' is poisonous to eat, has venomous barbs on their back, and will cut you. - Source

37. There is a fish named Needlefish that can jump from the water and stab people at speeds of up to 37 mph, with multiple human fatalities on record. - Source

38. There is a species of fish named Pacific leaping blenny that lives on land all its adult life. - Source

39. A popular 17th-century Chinese concoction of pickled fish and spices called "kê-chiap" was picked up by the English explorers. The English settlers took it with them to the American colonies. This concoction became quite popular and we know it today as Ketchup. - Source

40. Odds of being attacked by a candiru (penis invading fish) are "about the same as being struck by lightning while simultaneously being eaten by a shark."

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41Giant catfish

In a narrow island in the Tarn River in France, giant 50-pound European catfishes beach themselves in order to capture and eat pigeons. - Source

42. Up to 40% of tuna imported to the U.S. from Thailand is illegal or unreported, followed by up to 45% of Pollock imports from China, and 70% of salmon imports. - Source

43. Round goldfish bowls are banned in Monza (Italy) because 'a fish kept in a bowl has a distorted view of reality'. - Source

44. There is a fish called the "Bony-eared ass fish". It has the smallest brain to body ratio of all known vertebrates. - Source

45. Goldfishes were originally silver. They were bred by the imperial family of Song Dynasty in ancient China until they became yellow because they really liked yellow. - Source

46Goldfish bowls

The use of bowls to house goldfish comes from a misunderstanding of Chinese display vessels. These were small, temporary containers that were used to display goldfish to guests. The goldfishes were otherwise housed in ponds. Fishbowls are so detrimental to goldfish's health that they are prohibited by cities like Rome on the grounds of animal cruelty. - Source

47. The Coelacanth is a prehistoric fish which is related to reptiles and mammals more than modern fish. It was thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago until a fisherman caught one in 1938. - Source

48. Since sunfish are susceptible to skin parasites, they sometimes break the surface of the water with its dorsal fin and beak to attract the attention of a gull or similar seabird. The seabird will then dig worms and other stubborn parasites out of the fish's skin. - Source

49. Crocodile icefish doesn't use blood to transport oxygen, it absorbs oxygen directly from water using its skin - Source

50. At birth, Halibut have an eye on each side of the head and swim like a salmon. After 6 months, one eye migrates to the other side, making them look more like flounder. At the same time, the stationary-eyed side darkens to match the top side, while the other side remains white. - Source

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