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1Clash of Clans

iPhone game Clash of Clans generates more than $2 million per day, and in three years is valued at more than $3 billion. - Source

2. Each person has a "walking signature" that can be detected by their smartphone's accelerometer data; the signature persists even if you change phones. - Source

3. 90 to 95% of mobile phone sales in Japan were waterproof because Japanese young girls are so fond of their mobile phones they even use them in the shower. - Source

4. Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer, has reduced its employees from 110,000 to 50,000, thanks to the introduction of robots. - Source

5. In 1992, rapper Mac Dre was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and sentenced to 5 years in prison after he refused a police deal, which was informing law enforcement about his partners. While awaiting trial Mac Dre recorded a full album over the phone, taunting law enforcement officials. - Source


TV show Scrubs used a real phone number on an episode, that went to a prepaid cell phone the cast would hand around to each other and would answer. - Source

7. Since most people in Japan and China use their phones or computers to phonetically convert the Latin alphabet to type Chinese characters, more people are forgetting how to write some characters by hand. On a Chinese TV show, only 30% of participants could write "toad", 癞蛤蟆 (Lài há ma). - Source

8. If your phone's GPS tracks going over 1,000MPH, it legally is required to deactivate as it probably means it's being used to guide a missile.- Source

9. The electricity needed to power an iPhone for a year costs only $0.47. - Source

10. After an 11 year study, cell phones were shown not to increase chances of getting cancer.

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11Walter Acre

In 2011, a Norwegian boy named Walter Acre escaped from wolves by playing a heavy metal song by Megadeth on his cell phone. - Source

12. Apple spends $236 to make each iPhone 6s Plus device, which it sells for over three times that value at $749. Also, a 64GB iPhone costs Apple about $17 more to make than a 16 GB iPhone, but Apple charges iPhone buyers $100 more for the increased memory. - Source

13. As Apple is granted "Slide-to-Unlock" patent, they in a case against Motorola also argued “a tap is a zero-length swipe.”- Source

14. Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel's networth is $1.5 billion at the age of 24, making him the world's youngest billionaire- Source

15. James Cameron would use a nail gun to nail the film crew's cell phones to a wall in retaliation for unwanted ringing during the production of Avatar.

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16Martin Cooper

The first call ever made on a cell phone was from an engineer named Martin Cooper calling a rival engineer to brag about his accomplishment. - Source

17. Facebook Turned Down WhatsApp Founder Brian Acton for a Job before they bought his app for 19 Billions dollars.- Source

18. In 2011, Fredericton police gave out Pizza Hut coupons to drivers who pulled over to talk on their cell phones. - Source

19. An iPhone has about 75 elements in it i.e., two-thirds of the periodic table. - Source

20. Angry Birds and Clash of Clans have helped rejuvenate Finland's economy after Nokia's downfall.- Source


Siri was supposed to be for Android and BlackBerry phones before Siri, Inc. was bought by Apple back in April of 2010. - Source

22. In mobile games, 60% of revenues come from 0.23% of players. - Source

23. In 2009, Disney-owned Lucasfilm successfully sued Verizon Wireless over their line of Android phones named “DROID” as "droid" is a registered trademark of LucasFilm. Since the Steve Jobs Trust is one of Disney's largest shareholders, Jobs' estate makes money when a DROID is sold. - Source

24. According to the UN, only 64% (4.5 b illion/7 billion) of the world's population has access to a toilet, while 86% (6 billion/7 billion) has access to a mobile phone. - Source

25. Curiosity is an 'experimental' online mobile game by Peter Molyneux promising the winner a 'life-changing' prize. There was a winner (Scott Bryan Henderson), back in May of 2013. He still hasn't gotten his prize. - Source


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