When nature calls and we’re in a public place, there’s only one thing we really need to know. Which toilets are designated for women, men, the disabled and baby changing? Usually this isn’t hard to figure out because the indicators tend to be fairly self-explanatory. However, this isn’t always the case! Some places have decided to switch things up, whether that be by adding a cool design or creating confusion, here we have some of the most creative bathroom signs ever! Take a look!

26Way too graphic

27Natural sign

28New favorite bathroom sign

29Nuts bathroom signs

30Rain bathroom signs

31Restroom gender signs at a hot dog joint

32Restroom labels at a pizza place in Austin

33Restroom signs at the bar

34Restroom signs in Aalto University

35Restrooms at a restaurant

36Sign at a restaurant

37The bathroom door says “men” from the outside but from the inside says “women” spelled backward so you think you were in the wrong bathroom

38The bathrooms signs at the Googleplex

39The restroom signs at Chicken salad chick

40These restroom signs in a new luxury shopping mall in Bangkok

41These toilet signs are in Taiwan. Which way to go?

42Washroom signs at this restaurant

43This bathroom has pretty minimalistic signs

44Toilet doors in a restaurant in Germany

45Toilet sign at a bar in Thailand

46Toilet sign at the holy island

47Toilet signs using M and W as arms

48Toilet sign in Dominoes

49Toilet signs in a bar in the Netherlands

50Toilet signs in Mandalay, Myanmar


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