When nature calls and we’re in a public place, there’s only one thing we really need to know. Which toilets are designated for women, men, the disabled and baby changing? Usually this isn’t hard to figure out because the indicators tend to be fairly self-explanatory. However, this isn’t always the case! Some places have decided to switch things up, whether that be by adding a cool design or creating confusion, here we have some of the most creative bathroom signs ever! Take a look!

1Actual bathroom signs

2Minimalist toilet sign

3Another minimalistic toilet sign

4At a comic shop

5Bathroom sign at a mall in Cyprus

6Bathroom sign in a Korean massage parlor

7Bathroom signs at a donut shop

8Bathroom signs at a pinball wizard arcade

9Bathroom signs at a pizza place in Montana

10Bathroom signs at Ray-J's define gender by thought bubbles

11Bathroom signs for mechanical engineering students

12Best bathroom sign ever

13When a restaurant doesn't have a gender sign for the bathrooms so you have to guess by the pictures

14By far the most confusing bathroom signs I have ever seen, The men's is actually on the left and the women's is on the right


16Follow this advice

17Gender neutral toilet sign

18Gender signs on the restroom doors at this taco restaurant

19Great idea


21If you have got it you will know it

22Iq test

23Male and female jack cables bathroom signs in a music bar


25Misleading bathroom signs


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