Whether you’re stuck in traffic and letting your eyes wander to the drivers next to you or a billboard catches your eye, you can spot some pretty strange sights out on the road. Even if it’s the same route you’ve taken day in and day out, chances are you’ve had the road surprise you now and again. We have compiled 50+ craziest things people have seen and photographed while driving.

26He looks confident

27As fast as I Can

28This UFO looking thing on a truck is an F35


30Got their money's worth out of that truck

31Held only by wires

32A man with a shoe in his mouth

33An interesting installation

34Ship on the highway

35And for my next trick...

36This bus has a fake car crashed into the back of it

37Creepy Scarecrows

38Radioactive container


40He is playing a recorder while driving his Fiat on the highway

41All I see is a man living the dream

42Looks dangerous

43Here we see a rare photo of a truck in its natural habitat, drinking water from a river

44While Driving in Peru

45A truck hauling a truck hauling a truck hauling a truck hauling an SUV

46Driving behind a goofball

47People driving into a canal thinking it was a street after the floods

48A man on a chariot being pulled by a pit-bull

49A scene from Always Sunny playing out in real life

50A Corvette-ette


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