Whether you’re stuck in traffic and letting your eyes wander to the drivers next to you or a billboard catches your eye, you can spot some pretty strange sights out on the road. Even if it’s the same route you’ve taken day in and day out, chances are you’ve had the road surprise you now and again. We have compiled 50+ craziest things people have seen and photographed while driving.

1A disturbing piece of visual art

2This flatbed trailer is hauling a strapped down Tonka truck

3The Chinese way of transporting methane gas home

4Massive metal sculpture

5It's probably nothing

6Police officer texting while driving a motorcycle

7A luxurious yacht crossing a highway

8Train stuck in a traffic jam in India

9Romantic dinner date on a crosswalk overpass to set the mood

10They are members of Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence

11He was smoking a cigar and waved

12Dolphin Car

13Balancing Act

14That's a beauty

15CORN COB MEDUSA!! in Montana

16This guy was towing a mini version of his car in Ohio

17No one ever drowned in their own sweat

18Nice Nails Lady

19Those are toothpaste tubes in the back

20You came to the wrong neighborhood McMotherfu**er

21Rise and fall of the lawnmower guy and his son

22This police car that looks like a cab from the back

23Interesting RV Setup

24Badass batman

25This truck driver's arrangement is neat


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