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A man spent 3 years designing and creating "the perfect city' using Sim City 3000. The city named Magnasanti had the game's maximum population of 6 million, no crime and no pollution.

2. In Quake III Arena, needing to calculate x^(-1/2) quickly, a piece of code used was so strange that the developers commented the code with “evil floating point bit level hacking” and “what the f*ck?”

3. There is an active ‘secret-seekers’ group that is still trying to uncover the final mystery of the 2005 video game 'Shadows of the Colossus.'

4. Halo 2 was delayed for PC release because one of the developers hid a picture of his butt in it.

5. The pinball game in Windows XP was developed by Maxis, the same company that created the SimCity and Sims series.


Doom was so popular in 1995 that it was installed on more PCs than Windows 95. Bill Gates briefly considered buying its creator, ID software, but settled for getting a team at Microsoft to port the game to Win95. The team was led by Gabe Newell.

7. Prior to the release of Mass Effect 3, EA had copies of the game sent into space via weather balloons for lucky fans to track and find.

8. The Tetris theme is actually a Russian folk song named “Korobeiniki”, in which a street vendor flirts with a customer while haggling over goods.

9. In 2012, a Taiwanese man collapsed and died from playing Diablo III for 40 straight hours.

10. Pinball game on windows was actually a demo for a full collection of Pinball games.

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11The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall has the largest in-game world ever created, being twice the size of Great Britain in terms of square mileage. It takes two weeks in real-time to walk from one side of the game to the other.

12. A man played a game of Civilization II for 10 years resulting in a never ending nuclear war between the player and two AI causing the world to become a 'hellish nightmare of suffering and devastation'.

13. The lowest score with which Super Mario Bros. can be beaten is 600 points.

14. The PS1 game Suikoden was made as a prequel to Suikoden II, so that the developers could learn how to make PS1 games before tackling the actual game they wanted to make.

15. Canceling your subscription to Final Fantasy XI wasn’t easy. Therefore Illinois passed a law requiring that massive multiplayer online games let you cancel your subscription online.

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16Dark Souls

The game 'Dark Souls' was originally going to be called 'Dark Ring' but had to be changed after the developers learned that in Britain ring is a slang for anus.

17. Street Fighter II cost $69.99 in 1992. In 2013, that is equivalent to $116.18.

18. On December 6, 2012, Journey became the first video game in history to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

19. Portal is based on a game called Narbacular Drop, which was a class project created by university students. Liking the idea, Valve hired the entire team of students to develop Portal.

20. Sid Meier wasn't bothered about the online play in the first Civilization game, saying “if you had friends, you wouldn't need to play computer games.”

21Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3 has a boss that can be defeated by not touching the game for a week.

22. Grand Theft Auto V cost $265 million to make which was the largest budget of any video game at that time, but the game made $1 billion in its first 72 hours. They also made back the entire $265 million in presales alone.

23. Portal 2 was supposed to have an ending where Chell spoke, but the idea was soon scrapped because game-testers couldn't figure out who was speaking.

24. When Space Invaders was released in Japan, it is said that the game caused a coin shortage because people just couldn't stop playing it.

25. The Space Invaders game was supposed to always run at the same speed, but as you destroy more aliens, more memory is available for the processor to render faster. This is why the aliens speed up as you near the end of the level.


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