Have you ever had a little too much fun on a night out and lost your phone, only to have it returned later with a little extra something included? If that little extra something is a picture you don’t remember taking, then don’t worry – turns out you’re not the only one. We at PiQueen have compiled a list of people finding unexpected photos of people, animals or even themselves on their phones and it’s absolutely hilarious.

1I found this picture on my phone after losing it at a festival in the summer

2Hi, we found your mobile phone. You can come and pick it up. Dutch policewomen go viral after posting on phone owner's Facebook page

3I lost my phone at the mall, a guy returned it and I later found this in the gallery

4Lost my phone for a few hours, found it inside my chicken coop a few hours later with this picture in the camera roll

5A friend left her purse in an Uber on NYE. Found some interesting pictures on her phone when she retrieved it the following day

6I was sedated for a massive dentist appointment and remember absolutely nothing from it. The dentist later said he kept increasing my medication, but it seemed like I was wide awake the entire time which explains the pictures I just found on my phone

7Had oral surgery yesterday. Woke up this morning and found this in my phone. I don't remember taking it

8I just got this picture in a text from my husband's phone. He's the one sleeping. I don't know that other guy

9I got really drunk at a hotel and woke up with this picture on my phone

10My sister-in-law lost the phone in Prague. Dutch Police somehow recovered it and sent this selfie as proof

11Lost my phone at a party last night and had it returned. Today I found this picture in my gallery

12My friends and I got drunk one night in a small country town. Woke up the next morning with this picture on my phone

13Blacked out last night and found this on my phone in the morning

14A friend bought a used phone and found this picture on it

15We work at a bar, after closing down (at 4 am) we walked out to find this guy; pants down passed out. We took a picture and then took one on his phone for him. (We also woke him up and put him in a cab) but at least he got a pic when he woke up

16I left my phone in a cab in Vegas, got it back and found this.. at least it wasn't stolen

17I got pretty drunk the other night and woke up with this on my phone. Unclear how it got there

18I had a headache last night so my boyfriend tucked me in. I found this photo on my phone tonight while syncing it

19I got attacked last night at a concert and lost all of my things. Luckily these great people found my phone, took a beautiful photo of themselves, and spent over an hour trying to find me in a crowded venue. Thanks, strangers

20I lost my phone down the mountain today. A nice German (i think) man got hold of us and returned it with this picture on it

21I got drunk at a Red Wings game and woke up to this picture on my phone. I'm the one playing the piano

22I lost my phone for about an hour at a Christmas party. Looking through my pictures, I found this. I don't know any of these people

23My friend's phone fell to its death last night. This was the last picture it took as it hit the ground

24Found this picture of myself from last night on my phone. I'm calling it Drunktimous Prime

25I could not figure out why the bottom half of my sweatpants were missing after a party until I found this on my phone


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