Since the early begging of adult comics, they have usually depicted pretty girls constantly losing their clothes for some reason. The main public for these image comics was serving troops, and Winston Churchill named one of the first such comic heroines Jane as ‘Britain’s secret weapon.’ Nowadays, the adult public is more attracted to existential comics that reveal sad truths on a lighter note and not the clumsy clotheless girls.

These funny comics with occasional cynical notes feature simple observations on everyday life with surreal or ironic twists. Below we have selected 49 of our favorite comics that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

1Stress test



4Spider's Den

5The Dinosaur

6How your grandparents act vs how your grandparents vote, a guide

7Sign of the Times

8Gardening 101


10Airport Security

11After the party

12100% Pulp

13Friendship as an adult

14Last Word


16Aw, shoot

17I got a toy truck


19Christmas Wish

20The Swole and the Stone

21I'll get around to it

22Roommate Dog

23In case of fire


25I get confused a lot


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