History is often filled with dark and disturbing events that we sometimes forget about. Since the invention of photography, we’ve been able to record those historical moments — no matter how frightening they might be. In this collection of photos, you’ll see people wearing strange things, performing strange acts and looking very odd. Taken in context, they don’t show anything that should elicit real fear. Out of context, though, these photos are just downright creepy.

26Addam's Family

27A diving suit in the 1920s


29Two Faced doll in 1920

30Freezing off Freckles with Carbon Dioxide in the 1930s

31Gas masks for babies tested at an English hospital in 1940

32Halloween Costumes

33Family Halloween during WWII with Hitler and Mussolini masks

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34Ultraviolet radiation for sick children at the Institute for Radiation Therapy in London in 1934

35Full face swimming mask from the 1920s. Designed to protect the users face from the sun

36Awkward family photo during Halloween

37Mike The Headless Chicken. This avian lived 18 months without a head

38Kid during the Russian Famine of 1921 that killed and ate his 3-year-old brother

39Minnie Mouse costume in 1933

40A Siberian bear-hunting armor from the 1800s

41Circus Clown having a smoke break, 1958


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