Sometimes you just need to get away from your hectic schedule to just rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. A cozy corner, a little house or cabin tucked far away in the woods are perfect to do so! Just think – a cozy country house in a natural woodland setting, a rustic, crackling fireplace, and most importantly, peace. Here are 40 pictures of the coziest places we have found on the internet.

1A cozy room in the Alps

2Netflix Bunker

3Rainy days in NYC

4House with a waterfall running beneath it

5Winter in Grindelwald, Switzerland

6Oppstryn, Norway.

7As Cozy As It Gets

8Like Arnold's room from Hey Arnold!

9A secret getaway in Maine

10A cozy island in Finland

11Rooftop in NYC

12Winter in Trabzon

13Treehouse goals in Tulum

14Cozy up by the crocs

15Winter Coziness in Japan

16Bohemian kitchen

17Indoor natural hot spring at the Dunton Hot Springs resort in Colorado

18The English countryside

19A German Village in Winter

20On the Edge

21Giethoorn, Netherlands

22Nesso, the most Charming Little Village in Italy

23Bus stop library in Norway.

24A little house in the woods of north-western Czech Republic

25Fairy tale cabin in the woods


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