Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way – being homeless isn’t easy. Not only are there the obvious problems of food, water, and shelter, but if you have spent any time living in a big city, then you know of the intense competition for your spare change.

Though humor isn’t generally the first thing many of us imagine when we think of homelessness, this list features a group of funny homeless people who defy the stereotypes. We may not know these folks’ stories and can’t even begin to imagine their circumstances, but the one thing that they all have in common is the unimaginable strength to keep smiling, no matter what.

26I think the homeless are evolving

27Creativity level Homeless

28Need money for a DNA test


30A homeless man in Silicon Valley was handing out copies of his resume

31Found in the trash. Homeless person gets a job, needs shoes, and the public helps

32Always lay out your terms early in the negotiation

33What do I get if I win

34I guess beggars CAN be choosers

35Hobos are getting creative where I live

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36This homeless guy in Las Vegas today

37Saw this guy on the way to work today. I like his honesty

38Helen Keller would be so proud

39He told me to quit my PhD program and punch my supervisor in the mouth on my way out

40Need cash 4 alcohol research

41Honest homeless man

42Seems legit

43Homeless humour

44The best homeless sign I've seen in a while

45The nicest homeless man


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