Anyone with kids will know, it can be hard to accept that they are growing up and don’t need you anymore. They may have college degrees, long-standing careers and families of their own but in some doting parents’ eyes their children will always be their little boys and girls. They continue to leave cute reminders of their love and desire to nurture well into adulthood!

While the ‘kids’ on the receiving end of this coddling might be mortified by their parents behavior, we here at Pi Queen think it’s hilarious and adorable, and so we have compiled a lovely list of funny examples. Scroll down to check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

1I told my mom I was really sick today. An hour later she showed up at my house with this. I'm 30

2Dad being dad

3There were boobs on-screen, so my mother took action. I am a 22-year-old gay man

4I am lucky to have a Korean mother, otherwise, I would be so dirty

5My mother comes in and says, 'Bought this 20 years ago, totally forgot about'

6My parents live 341 miles away and I jokingly asked my dad to order pizza for me. Look what showed up at my door

7This is how my Mom greeted me at the airport, after having not seen her for a few years. She made me walk through the entire airport under her left arm

8My mom dressed up as my dad for Halloween. I think she nailed it

9My mom wins the best gift of the year

10I'm staying at my parent's place for the night. My mom prepared the couch for me. I'm 27

11My friend's mom sent these to him in the mail. He's in college

12So for my bday, my mom made matching ties for me and my cat

13My mom made the kid's dinosaur tails for Christmas but they don't fit around adult waists

14I'm almost 40. My mom knitted this for me for Christmas

15I'm 22 and my mom still makes me one of these and hides it somewhere around the house. Yes, that is a Spiderman kite and a squirt gun that I fully intend to use!

16My mom bought my boyfriend and I 'back to school' presents. We're seniors in college

17My French mom got me these boxers because she said she knows I love camping

18Had to show off my awesome Christmas present from my mom. The minions stealing the Tardis

19This dad saw his daughter at our local fair and didn’t like what she was wearing

20Dad security

21I'm off to college. My mom handed me this and told me this is the only cup I can drink beer out of

22My mom thinks I am 5 still

23Had my girlfriends parents over for dinner for the first time, her dad wore this

24It was my 24th yesterday and my mom made me this cake in celebration

25A 32-year-old child in my mom's eyes. This visit I cleaned for two days so she wouldn't. Today I woke up and looked in my loose change box


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