Have you ever done a double take when you see a person who looks uncannily like your friend — but is a total stranger? I’m sure we’ve gotten a comment one time or another from a person that we look exactly like someone they know. But what happens though, if on that rare occasion you meet your doppelganger in the flesh? Here are 35 amusing stories of real people who ran into their unrelated identical twin by coincidence.

26They even had the same first name

27These two work together on a daily basis

28Finding your Doppelganger in a bar bathroom

29"My sister thinks I (on the right) look exactly like this fella she worked with"

30When you look more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter

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31She met her doppelgänger while on holiday in Rome

32He found his doppelganger was his dentist

33"Met my doppelgänger at work! She was hired to the same unit 3 months before me"

34His doppelganger got stationed in the same Unit

35Richard Pryor spotted his doppelganger working at the Ambassador East Hotel in the early 1980s


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