Have you ever done a double take when you see a person who looks uncannily like your friend — but is a total stranger? I’m sure we’ve gotten a comment one time or another from a person that we look exactly like someone they know. But what happens though, if on that rare occasion you meet your doppelganger in the flesh? Here are 35 amusing stories of real people who ran into their unrelated identical twin by coincidence.

1Doppelgänger at the Coldplay concert in Gothenburg

2He found his doppelgänger on a bottle of beer

3He traveled all the way to Thailand to randomly find his doppelganger

4He found his 1572 Doppelgänger at the Art Museum

5Doppelganger with the same kind of tattoo in the same spot

6Two strangers sit next to each other on a flight and meet their doppelganger

They proceed to enjoy their holiday together.

7Game of Thrones star Samwell Tarley met his doppelgänger!

8Finding your doppelganger at a party

9They are now Facebook friends

10Doppelganger from the 1500s

11Running into not one but two of your doppelgangers

12They found each other by accident

13After her dad, cousins and brother accidentally mistook her doppelganger for her, she knew they had to take a photo together


15They literally look like twins

16When you meet your alter ego but you're too busy to notice it.

17Retired priest Neil Richardson moved to Essex and wondered why people kept calling him John. It turns out that his doppelganger already lived there

18Matching hats and mustaches make this

19Meeting his Doppelganger at an Ikea

20These doppelgängers freaked their wives

21At the airport

22Katy Perry Lookalike

23When you find your doppelganger at work

24They found each other at Disney's California Adventure

25Margot Robbie meets her celebrity doppelgänger Jaime Pressly


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