Sometimes when we have dirty things, it’s nearly impossible to see how beautiful they actually are. In reality, underneath all the wear and tear, hides a whole new, clean world! These photos are guaranteed to satisfy your perfectionist soul, as they reveal how much better things can look when the grime is finally stripped.

1Pool cleanup

2Cleaned my room thoroughly for the 1st time in 2 years. Feels like a physical sign my depression is getting better

3Pool cleanup

4Marischal College in Aberdeen, the 2nd largest granite building in the world, has recently been cleaned. Before and After

5Cleaned for the first time in 5 years

6Dirty swingset

7Hedge getting a cleanup

81968 Torino seat cleanup

9Cleaning a heat sink


11The powerwashers realized they got the wrong house, but at least we got a free sample


13Carpet cleaning

14Cleaning 20-year-old chairs

1530 years of buildup and neglect

16I scrubbed the floor at work today and it traveled two years into the past

17Scrubbed a ceiling rose clean with a toothbrush whilst renovating a house

18So damn satisfying

19This cathedral in Munster got a powerwash but they kept the top dark

20Building being Cleaned

21Having a clean room gives a good feel

22The work of a professional organizer

23Engine bay cleanup

24Oven cleanup

25Before and after photo of an E12 BMW polish and cleanup


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