Neo is NOT about to crash through the window of your office dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses. Agent Smith is not about to terminate your existence if you learn the truth and decide to swallow the red pill. Or is he? Here are 35 times glitches in the Matrix happened for real… Be afraid. Be very afraid.

26On the London Underground

27Just a glitch in Russia

28That's a long neck

29That's a lot of Blondes

30Two identical-looking people sleeping on the subway

31Another Glitch

32They don't look like twins

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33On the sidewalk

34The same woman x4

35Three cars of the same make, model, and ugly color parked in front of a building with the same ugly color

36When you meet you're alter ego but you're too busy to notice it

37On the subway

38A glitch in the soccer mom Matrix

39When the planets align


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