Neo is NOT about to crash through the window of your office dressed in black and wearing dark sunglasses. Agent Smith is not about to terminate your existence if you learn the truth and decide to swallow the red pill. Or is he? Here are 35 times glitches in the Matrix happened for real… Be afraid. Be very afraid.

1It's like a full raid

2Agent Smith will be along shortly

3In Oxford UK

4Identical drive-thru lines at McDonald's

5Something's amiss

6Are they twins?

7At the Redbox

8So similar

9Just that amazing San Francisco workplace diversity in action

10Three girls in the same row, wearing the same color sweater, with the same color hair

11Grandpas with the same sense of style


13These three random men look like the same person


15Commuting Wizards

16Drunk or Glitch in the matrix?

17On the ferry

18Slight glitch in the matrix

19The tire is a lie

20Kenny G is somehow duplicating himself in the matrix

212 vehicle accident involving the exact same style of vehicle

22Three similar people at the coffee shop

23Maidstone in Kent, England

24Something is going on here

25Creepy cat


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