Going through the journey of pregnancy can be amazing. However, we all know that for a pregnant woman, life can be hard. Their bodies are changing, emotions fluctuate and cravings can come on so ridiculously strong! Any good husband tries to be understanding and accommodating throughout this period of time, though admittedly it’s not always easy. Here we have a list of funny pregnant wife problems that all husbands can relate to.

26Pregnant wife practices swaddling on confused pepper

27What my pregnant wife packs to go shopping

28My wife says this is the only benefit of being pregnant

29This is how I found out my wife was pregnant. And now I have a bucket of candy!

30Pregnancy cravings when only home comforts will do my husband is amazing

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31If you are wondering how pregnant I am, I’m 7 different kinds of ice cream in the freezer pregnant

32My pregnant wife asked for these and I delivered

33Pregnant women can be vicious. This is my wife trolling me at breakfast

34Flashback to my second trimester in pregnancy when I had some cravings for things I would normally never eat

35Really weird pregnancy cravings


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