Posing in pictures where we look all nice and dainty is great, but sometimes it’s even better to unleash our goofy side. Recently there has been a social media trend of ladies sharing side by side “pretty” versus “ugly” faces of themselves (of course, no face is ugly — beauty is in the eye of the beholder, guys. The thread should more appropriately be called “regular” versus “incredibly whacky” faces…but we get that it wouldn’t have quite the same ring). And tons of people have been uploading split-screen photos of themselves posing ‘normally’ on one side, and then doing something goofy on the other.

26The Derp

27Goofy Wedding Pic

28Hello, it's me

29She's a beast

30Taking the challenge to the next level

31I've got my eye on you

32Masculine shoulders

33The thumb look

34Time for a snack




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