Posing in pictures where we look all nice and dainty is great, but sometimes it’s even better to unleash our goofy side. Recently there has been a social media trend of ladies sharing side by side “pretty” versus “ugly” faces of themselves (of course, no face is ugly — beauty is in the eye of the beholder, guys. The thread should more appropriately be called “regular” versus “incredibly whacky” faces…but we get that it wouldn’t have quite the same ring). And tons of people have been uploading split-screen photos of themselves posing ‘normally’ on one side, and then doing something goofy on the other.

1Dat eyeball control

2Good God

3Poolside Photoshoot

4Angles make such a difference

5Beavis and Jabba's love child

6This is why witches are so hard to detect in the modern day

7Aunt Edna with glasses on, glasses off - girl next door


9She's not pregnant, she's just really talented.

10Terrified moose

11She's Drinking Again

12This is a stick-up

13Getting the wisdom teeth out

14Wanna go swimming?

15Capturing genuine emotion

16When you accidentally open your front camera

17She looks like Sid from Ice-Age


19She looks stunning

20Life of a Rugby Player

21At work vs day off

22Looks like a face from a fun house

23Transformation nearly complete

24After Wisdom Teeth Removal

25Make up free


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