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30 Warning Signs That Are Too Real and Creepy

Warning signs are posted to keep us safe from people and our surroundings. Usually, these signs are made very simple so that all can understand it at first glance. Sometimes without context, some signs come across as very weird and creepy. Here are some of them.

26Rape Sign in South Africa

The rape reported in this area in South Africa is indeed tragic and alarming, but it must be noted that this area has never been regarded as safe.

27Pole of Inaccessibility

This is the Australian pole of inaccessibility. It is one of the most remote places on earth and is nearly 1000km away from the coast in all directions.

28Welcome to Northern Ireland

Bullet-riddled “Welcome to Northern Ireland” sign, on the Ireland/Northern Ireland border. The border area is a known hotbed for conflict between Republican paramilitaries and British security forces.

29Radioactive Material Sign

No Digging! This was photographed deep in Illinois woods, in a small clearing, a quarter mile off the main path.

30Fatigue Zone Signs

Credit: Amardeep

Do you want to play a game? In Australia, some of the highways are so flat and long and uneventful that they put these trivia signs up in "fatigue zones" to help drivers stay awake.

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