Warning signs are posted to keep us safe from people and our surroundings. Usually, these signs are made very simple so that all can understand it at first glance. Sometimes without context, some signs come across as very weird and creepy. Here are some of them.

1Dangerous River

Sign just off the Cumberland River in Nashville

2The School Lockdown Song

The School Lockdown Song

3Warning Sign

Warning sign near Peggy's Cove lighthouse. Nova Scotia, Canada.

4Death Valley, California.

Don't visit Death Valley in California during the summer.

5Anti-gambling Ad

This anti-gambling ad seems awfully dystopian

6Unexploded Artillery Shells

Watch where you step. Unexploded artillery shells warning along The North Face Trail in Chugach National Forest in Alaska.

7Beware of falling deer

Beware of falling deer. This sign is part of the exhibit outside the leopard exhibit at the Pittsburgh zoo. There are fake deer skins nailed to the trees around it too 🙂

8Ohio will be eliminated

This sign is from CTA ( Chicago Transit Authority) talking about eliminating the Ohio St. bus route in downtown Chicago.

9Books Sections

This is getting too real.

10Appalachian Trail

Before the 100 Mile Wilderness of the Appalachian Trail.

11Don't go swimming

Septic treatment plants often have these signs. They are steaming piles of aerated sh*t, so if you fall in you drown in hot excrement. It is one of the worst ways to die.


Along the highway in Denver, Colorado


Sign at a school science lab

14Desert Crossing

Button to save people from crossing the desert from Mexico. Very hard choices are made if you see this sign.

15Ice Box

A box in South Louisiana

16Check gun safe for cat

How many times had this had to have happened to lead to this.

17Mount Washington Sign

Final warning sign for hikers attempting to summit Mount Washington in New Hampshire, USA. Wind gusts can reach 200+ MPH at the summit of Mount Washington.

18Brain-eating Amoeba Warning

Naegleria Fowleri ("Brain-eating Amoeba") warning. Now just imagine how many swimming holes need this sign but don't have it.

19Falling Snakes Sign

This sign is close to a machine cleaning trash and other debris from a canal. Snakes accidentally get scooped with the debris and slither over the side.

20Do Not Open Sign

It is most likely a high voltage electrical panel, the kind that won't let your muscles release.

21Do not walk on rocks

This looks like a break wall for a harbor. The break walls have boulders with large crevices. You could probably get wedged in them if missed a jump while trying to navigate the loose, algae-covered rocks.

22Bees- If we die

They're not wrong.

23Active Shooter Emergency Button

A sign in a high school.

24Road Trip Signs

On a relaxing road trip from Darwin to Melbourne.

25Earthquake Warning Sign

After a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand


  1. Once spent some time in Coober Pedy, Outback Australia. While chatting to one of the locals he invited us back to his Underground home to talk while he got some “work” done. We were all having a quiet beer in the relative cool when he starts fiddling with some ingredients behind him telling us he was getting his work stuff together while we talked. Next thing l know he’s roughly measuring ingredients with a smoke hanging out of his mouth, turns out he was making his own “Dynamite”, well we all got out of there pretty quick but when talking about it later with a local the comment was “that’ll me Mick, he’s pretty harmless but he has had a couple of cave ins in the last few months, some people are just unlucky l guess”. We visited a few more times while there, just not after a drink session or when he was smoking and working. True. Lol

  2. In the US, we call the areas on the sides of roads ‘shoulders’. In Ireland, thy are called ‘reliefs’. Driving there can be scary for Americans, since you’re on the right side of the car, in the left lane of the road. Then you see a sign on the highway that reads ‘NO RELIEF AHEAD’….


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