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26Abbas and Hassan O

In 2009, despite having DNA evidence of the suspect, German police could not prosecute the perpetrator of a $6.8 million jewel heist because the DNA belonged to identical twins (Abbas and Hassan O), and there was no evidence to prove which one of them was the culprit.

27. Young children, especially twins, will often develop their own language that they can understand but is unintelligible to any adult observers.

28. In 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly became even younger than his elder twin brother (who is also an astronaut) Mark Kelly (born 6 minutes before Scott), by 3 milliseconds after the completion of his one year mission on the International Space Station.

29. There exists a case of conjoined twin girls named Krista and Tatiana Hogan, who are connected at the thalamus. They can hear each other's thoughts and see through each other's eyes.

30. A set of British twins separated at birth and raised by different adopted parents, fell in love and got married only to realize that they were brother and sister.


  1. Philippe Petain was a national hero of France after World War 1. He won the 9 month Battle of Verdun as a general and inspired hope and optimism at a time when it seemed like the war would never end.

    Fast forward to World War II and he became the head of state of Vichy France and was a puppet for the Nazis. He ran Vichy state in a semi-fascist manner and constantly sought to appease the Nazis to preserve Vichy’s limited freedoms, including signing antisemitic ordinances and allowing deportation to concentration camps.

    At the end of the war, he was convicted of treason on all counts and originally sentenced to death before being reduced to life imprisonment by Charles de Gaulle on account of Petain’s advanced age and service during World War 1.

    De Gaulle would later summarize Petain’s life as “successively banal, then glorious, then deplorable, but never mediocre” and also “The Marshall is a great man who died in 1925. The trouble is, he didn’t know it.”

    • China had a similar person. Wang Jingwei was beloved for his role in the 1911 revolution but is now viewed terribly for siding with the Japanese in WWII. His fate was different though, he died in 1944 from a wound he got from an assassination attempt in 1939. His tomb was destroyed by the ROC army and his burial place now has a note that calls him a traitor.

  2. Jimmy Savile.

    Mega famous UK radio DJ and TV presenter. Did a ton of charity work. Was a knight of the realm.

    Post death, he was revealed to be a massive paedophile, protected and ignored by those around him for decades.

    Edit: Savile not Saville.

    • “Massive pedophile” doesn’t do it justice. He was one of the most vicious and prolific pedophiles ever in the UK’s history apparently.

      • INDUSTRIAL SCALE paedophile, with Royal support and the backing of the international media.

        All whilst people who DID speak out about him, (and they did… like Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols who spoke out in the 70s and was silenced by the establishment) were harassed and hushed up.

        The sheer scale of his abuse, using his patronage of several hospitals and children’s charities to identify, target and abuse cou tless children in their care, and the extent of the aiding and abetting of the British media and establishment to Savilles’ unprecedented paedophilia, means that the case of Jimmy Saville quite literally in a league of its own.


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