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1Conjoined twins

Conjoined twins occur once in every 200,000 births, and conjoined triplets and quadruplets are so rare there are no confirmed cases. It is slightly more common, though, to have twins (conjoined or not) and an extra fraternal triplet known as a "pair and a spare". - Source

2. Scenes in the movie Terminator 2, where Sarah Connor and the T-1000's facsimile of her are in the same shot aren't CGI. Rather, it is Lina Hamilton and her non-actress identical twin sister, Leslie Hamilton, who acts as a very realistic body double. - Source

3. The Japanese identical twins who were affectionately nicknamed Kinsan Ginsan released a rap song when they turned 100 years old in 1992.- Source

4. Walker and Georgia Inman, the only heirs to the Duke fortune (of tobacco tycoon James Duke), were abused by their heroin-crazed father from 2000-2010. They were forced to bathe in boiling water, and locked in a feces-filled basement. The Rolling Stone magazine called them the “Poorest Rich Kids in the World.”- Source

5. Tom Berenger once owned a restaurant called Twins on the Upper East Side, where the waitstaff consisted of 29 sets of identical twins. - Source

6June and Jennifer Gibbons

June and Jennifer Gibbons, were identical twins who only communicated with each other. They wrote works of fiction and later turned to crime, for which they were institutionalized. They then became convinced that one of them must die for the other to live a normal life. Jennifer agreed it would be her. Ten days later she suddenly died and no drugs or poison were found in her system.- Source

7. Heteropaternal superfecundation is a rare medical scenario whereby twins can be born of two separate biological fathers. - Source

8. Swedish ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist started playing the goaltender position because his younger twin brother, Joel, volunteered him by raising his hand for him at a youth practice.- Source

9. ATL twins from the movie Spring Breakers live a similar life as shown in the movie. They live like one person. They share the same bed, wear matching outfits, and sleep with the same girls.- Source

10. Abby and Brittany Hensel are an extremely rare adult conjoined twins with two heads and one body. They can each feel and control the one arm and the leg on their side. They can write, run, play sports, drive a car, are social butterflies, and generally live normally.

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11Jim twins

A pair of twins were separated at birth in Ohio. When they both met, they found they had a lot more in common than their DNA. Both were named James by their families, married and divorced women named Linda, remarried to women named Betty, had sons a named James Allan and James Alan, and dogs named Toy.- Source

12. When one of the Siamese twin Daisy Hilton died, her sister Violet remained alive and attached to her for several days before they were both found dead.- Source

13. When identical twin basketball players Brook and Robin Lopez were both playing for NY-based teams, they considered living together. They then decided against it because their cats didn't get along.- Source

14. On an average, identical same-sex twins live longer than fraternal same-sex twins, who in turn live longer than the general population. - Source

15. The "first Siamese twins" (Chang and Eng Bunker) lived separate lives and would alternate every 3 days between their homes and families. They were only 3/4 Chinese.

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16Twin types

There are actually seven different types of twins: Identical, Fraternal, Mirror-Image, Polar Body (Half Identical), Mixed Chromosome, Superfecundation, and Superfetation. - Source

17. There lived twin brothers (Knipe brothers) who stood over 7'2" tall in the 18th century. They toured London in 1784 and 1785.- Source

18. A Vanishing Twin is a fetus in a multi-gestation pregnancy in which a twin dies in utero and is either completely or partially absorbed by their twin. Occasionally the dead fetus will be flattened by their growing twin into a parchment-like state known as Fetus Papyraceus.- Source

19. The original "Siamese Twins" (Chang and Eng Bunker) fathered a total of 21 children, and their descendants now number more than 1,500. - Source

20. To tell twins apart, look at their belly buttons. It's the one thing that's not affected by genetics.- Source

21Catherine and Kirstie Fields

Fields' disease is considered the rarest known disease in the world, with only two cases diagnosed (among two twin girls named Catherine and Kirstie Fields). It causes progressive muscular degeneration, and that's about all we know. Doctors concluded that "they were probably born with it." - Source

22. When identical twins procreate with another set of identical twins, their offspring are both genetic siblings and social cousins. - Source

23. Sideshow performer Francesco Lentini was born in Sicily in 1889 with 3 different length legs, 4 feet, and 2 genitals - a result of a partially absorbing his conjoined twin. He married, had 4 children, and lived to be 85. His photo is on the back cover of Alice In Chain’s self-titled album. - Source

24. The transgender prisoner (Laverne Cox) in "Orange is the New Black" is played by a transgender woman and her identical twin brother (M Lamar) plays her character in pre-transition flashbacks.- Source

25. The twins (Will and Hank Deutschendorf) who played baby Oscar in Ghostbusters 2 own and operate an MMA gym today. They are also the nephews of singer John Denver's.- Source


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