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The Aztecs made swords (Macuahuitl) embedded with prismatic obsidian blades that are far sharper than even high-quality present day steel razor blades. - Source

52. The $4billion nuclear-powered supercarrier "USS Ronald Reagan" has an unlimited range distance of up to 20-25 years, powered by two A4W Reactors. - Source

53. Katie Holmes' father negotiated a prenuptial agreement for her that reportedly filled five bankers’ boxes. Because of it, when Katie Holmes made her bombshell announcement that she was divorcing Tom Cruise, the case was able to be resolved in a mere 11 days. - Source

54. Killer whales can and do regularly eat swimming moose. - Source

55. Humans can generally detect their parents, children, and siblings (but not spouses, half-siblings, and stepchildren/step-parents) by smell, and females prefer sexual partners with a different smell than their own. Scientists believe this is an evolved defense against incest. - Source

56Dolly Parton

When Three Six Mafia beat out Dolly Parton to win the 2006 Academy Award for Best Original Song, Dolly was thrilled, and personally sent a congratulatory letter, "We're proud of you guys, and I'm just glad that the Oscar came back to Tennessee one way or another!" - Source

57. The Cali Cartel murdered so many people and dumped their bodies in the Cauca River that the local municipality was eventually bankrupt by the cost of recovering corpses and conducting autopsies. - Source

58. Alcatraz was the only federal prison at the time to offer hot-water showers for its inmates because the prison staff felt the inmates would find the frigid waters of San Francisco Bay almost impossible to withstand during an escape attempt. - Source

59. Tom Cruise split with all 3 of his wives when they were 33. - Source

60. NASA recovered metal from the WTC and used it on Martian rovers as a tribute to those fallen on the 9/11 attacks.

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61Ben Affleck

While filming Armageddon, Ben Affleck asked Michael Bay why they would train oil drillers as astronauts instead of the opposite to which Michael Bay told him to 'Shut the f*ck up'. - Source

62. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000 incorrectly predicts a 'mate in two' in a chess game with the astronaut. Fans have speculated whether this was a filmmaking error, a test by HAL of the human’s reliability, or an early sign that HAL is malfunctioning. Kubrick died without revealing the answer. - Source

63. North Korea is sitting on 6-10 trillion dollars worth of minerals but it can't access them due to lack of technology and equipment. - Source

64. People from different languages arrange pictures of chronological events differently (English speakers from left to right, Hebrew from right to left), and the Kuuk Thaayorre will arrange them from east to west regardless of the direction they face in the room. - Source

65. Smile Mask Syndrome is a psychological disorder in which subjects develop depression and physical illness as a result of prolonged, unnatural smiling. First described in Japan in 1983, this is attributed to the great importance placed on smiling in the Japanese service industry.

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66Apple 3

An officially recommended solution to a common problem with the Apple 3 was to "lift the computer two inches and drop it". - Source

67. The Miami zoo put 30 flamingos in the bathroom during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to ride out the storm. An image of them huddled inside became one of the most iconic from that hurricane. - Source

68. A man named Jonathan Fleming was imprisoned for 25 years before a hotel receipt finally proved he could not have been at the scene of the crime he had been falsely convicted for. - Source

69. In 1990, a pilot named Captain Timothy Lancaster was sucked out of the cockpit of a passenger jet. A crew member held on to his body until landing, at which point they discovered he had survived. - Source

70. English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, causing loss of the ship's structural integrity. - Source

71Chuck Berry

There was some controversy over the inclusion of Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' on the Voyager Golden Record. Carl Sagan was told that rock music was adolescent. Sagan responded, "There are a lot of adolescents on the planet." - Source

72. A day before 9/11, George Carlin recorded a live show for an album that was titled 'I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die" which was shelved due to the events of the next day. The title was later planned to be re-used for a special in 2004 but was again discarded due to Hurricane Katrina. - Source

73. Ferrari and Mercedez keep blueprints to every car they've ever made and will produce parts for them if you need one repaired. - Source

74. In 2012, An Air Canada flight was asked by Australian authorities to investigate an emergency beacon. The plane, with 270 people, flew at 4000 feet as crew and passengers used binoculars to locate a stranded sailor, who was later rescued by police. The flight landed safely in Sydney, 90 minutes delayed. - Source

75. Woodie Guthrie' copywriters claim to "This Land is Your Land" was for 28 years and stated, "anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern.” Today multiple organizations claim copyright for the song. - Source


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