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26Gaming computers

Gaming computers heat a room just as efficiently as a space heater does. - Source

27. Early coffee shops in England were frequented by students, philosophers, and other intellectuals who engaged in a reasoned debate on the latest issues of the day. The shops charged a penny for admission and were dubbed 'Penny Universities' for the alternative form of education they offered. - Source

28. Seattle's first openly-gay bar, Shelly's Leg, was founded using settlement money after Shelly, a dancer, lost her leg in a glitter cannon accident at a Bastille Day parade. - Source

29. In 1985, Switzerland accidentally bombed Liechtenstein during a drill. In 1992, they accidentally 'invaded' their neighbor while setting up an observation post. In 2007, Swiss soldiers lost their way and crossed the border. A spokesman of Liechtenstein simply said, "No problem, these things happen". - Source

30. The Chernobyl disaster released approximately 400 times more radioactive fallout than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. - Source

31Doctor Who

The researcher who popularised the idea of "Alpha" and "Beta" members of wolf packs has spent the rest of his career trying to convince everyone he was wrong.- Source

32. John Wayne Gacy's former attorney, Sam Amirante, who heard Gacy's original confession to over 30 murders, later went on to author the Missing Child Recovery Act of 1984 which removed the 72-hour waiting period to begin the search for a missing child. - Source

33. Musician and peace advocate John Lennon often beat his girlfriends and wives, almost killed a man for calling him gay. He was emotionally abusive towards his son and mocked disabled people. - Source

34. Microwaves are "non-ionising" radiation, meaning they are too low-energy to damage DNA. So your microwave could give you a nasty burn (enough to kill you, even), but only in the same manner as your oven. - Source

35. Idaho got its name because some guy George M. Willing proposed the name to Congress, claiming that it was Shoshone Indian for "Gem of the Mountain," when it was really just a word he made up.

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36Banana candy

Banana candy doesn't taste like a banana because the flavoring was invented while an old species of banana was popular, the Gros Michel, which tastes different to the currently popular banana, the Cavendish. Panama disease wiped out the Gros Michel but the artificial flavor never changed. - Source

37. When Barry Allen "died" in the DC Comics, Marvel introduced an amnesiac speedster with blonde hair and red suit who can't remember his name but knows it sounds like "Buried Alien". He was named the "fastest man alive" in his first appearance. - Source

38. In the 1930's a selling point of the major toilet paper manufacturers at the time was that their product was "splinter-free." - Source

39. The most commonly used sentence in the Harry Potter book series was: "Nothing happened."; for The Hunger Games series it was: "My name is Katniss Everdeen.", and for the Twilight series, it was: "I sighed." - Source

40. Kathryn Beaumont was 13-15 years old when she voiced Alice and Wendy in the original 1950s animated Disney films Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Peter Pan (1953). She returned 50 years later to voice the same characters in 2002 for Kingdom Hearts at the age of 64.

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41Cobalt 60

Steel was forged prior to the 1945 atom bomb explosions is highly sought-after because all steel forged after is 'contaminated' with Cobalt-60. - Source

42. Praying mantises only have one ear. They are the only species of animals known to have only one ear. - Source

43. An '&' between two writers for a movie (e.g. "Quentin Tarantino & Woody Allen") means the writers worked together on the script as a team, while an 'and' ("Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen") means they worked on the same script independently. - Source

44. Canada and USA share the longest border and most mutually beneficial international relationship in the world. - Source

45. A UFC fan happened to get fighter Rory MacDonald's old cell phone number and was selecting Rory's walk out music via text messages without Rory or the UFC finding out for years. - Source


Europeans feared eating tomatoes for 200 years because when wealthy Europeans used pewter plates which was high in lead content, ate tomatoes off the plates. The high acidity in tomatoes would cause the fruit to leach lead from the plate, resulting in many deaths from lead poisoning. - Source

47. The mystery novelist Agatha Christie posthumously saved a girl's life by having written in one of her stories about a rare poison. That same poison was killing this girl in real life, and the doctors had no clue, but a nurse happened to be reading that story at the time. - Source

48. A thief named Matthew Ryan Hahn stole a safe that contained evidence of the sexual abuse of a child. He risked life imprisonment to turn in the memory card so police could "remove this animal from the streets". - Source

49. A woman named Claire Wiegand Beckmann, was at a garage sale when she decided on buying an old card table. After bargaining the price down to $25, she took it. She later found out that it was one of 6 tables left in the world by furniture makers John Seymour & Son. It later sold at an auction for $541,000. - Source

50. The largest art heist in history was completed in 1990 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, totaling 13 paintings worth $500M. To this day, all of the empty frames are still hanging, acting as placeholders until the pieces are returned. - Source


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