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76Hamster wheel

When a hamster wheel is placed outside, wild mice will come run on it. - Source

77. Disney owned Miramax for a time, technically making Pulp Fiction a Disney film. - Source

78. The USA throws away the equivalent of 125 school buses full of plastic drinking straws on a daily basis. - Source

79. In the Hundred Flowers Campaign, Mao Zedong invited people to openly express their opinions and have free discussions. Once this happened, he cracked down on those who said the wrong things. - Source

80. Louis Bonaparte (Napoleon's brother) was known as and is still called The King of Rabbits because he mispronounced the Dutch phrase "I am your king" and instead said, "I am your rabbit" when he took over the Netherlands in 1806. - Source

81Psychological stress

Living in an area where you can see the ocean has been found to reduce psychological stress, even after controlling for factors such as income and neighborhood status. - Source

82. Guy Fieri's restaurant Guy's American Kitchen in Times Square is the only restaurant since 2012 to receive the worst rating in a New York Times restaurant review. - Source

83. Our Milky Way is home to the darkest planet ever discovered, TrES-2b, the coal-black planet which absorbs almost 100% of the light that falls on it. - Source

84. For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds. - Source

85. Scientists say caesarian births are "affecting human evolution" because women with narrow hips are spreading this genetic predisposition to their daughters.

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86West Nickel Mines School massacre

The Amish community attacked during the West Nickel Mines School massacre was quick to forgive. They consoled the shooter's father and widow, as well as set a charitable fund for his children. - Source

87. A New York man named Paul J. Newman was arrested for fraud after pretending to be an architect in a bust referred to by the state as "Operation Vandelay Industries". “For over seven years the defendant has pretended to be a registered architect, deceiving hundreds of New Yorkers — including families and senior citizens — with the sole goal of enriching himself,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement about what his office called Operation Vandelay Industries. “By allegedly falsifying building plans, code compliance inspections, and field reports, the defendant jeopardized the safety of those who resided in and frequented the buildings he was contracted to work on.” - Source

88. The Harvard debate team once lost to a team of inmates serving time for manslaughter. - Source

89. In 1916, the German military conducted the Judenzählung (census of Jews). Designed to confirm accusations of lack of patriotism among German Jews, the census disproved the charges. In fact, a higher percentage of German Jews fought in World War 1 than of any other ethnic, religious or political group in Germany. - Source

90. A 1000-year-old remedy book contained a treatment for MRSA, nearly 800 years before bacteria was discovered.

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91Bielefeld town

German internet users have a meme since 1999 where they pretend the town of Bielefeld (population of about 323,000, 18th largest city) does not exist. - Source

92. There are 558,000 USA World War 2 veterans still alive today. - Source

93. In 2003, Lockheed Martin accidentally dropped a NASA satellite while turning it sideways, causing $135M in damages. - Source

94. In 1952, a French man named Paul Félix Armand Delille used a contagious and deadly virus to kill rabbits on his estate. It spread out of control, killing up to 98% of rabbits in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Britain. He was later given a medal by the head of the Department of Rivers and Forests. - Source

95. Maladaptive daydreaming is a disorder which causes someone to daydream for hours on end, and create elaborate fantasies comparable to an entire novel or movie. - Source

96Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington arrived at his Game of Thrones audition with a black eye after getting into a fight at McDonald's the night before. - Source

97. Democritus supposed the existence of atoms and the empty space between them in 400 B.C. - Source

98. George Clooney keeps a photo of himself as Batman, 'As cautionary reminder of what happens when you make movies for commercial reasons'. - Source

99. In 6 B.C., the Greeks dug a tunnel named Tunnel of Eupalinos which is over 1,000 meter long through a mountain, by digging from both ends and meeting in the middle. Ingenious surveying and geometrical techniques were used to ensure the two tunnels didn't miss. - Source

100. Pregnant women in Auschwitz were told they would receive double portions of food but were sent to gas chambers instead. - Source


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