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100 Totally Random Facts – Part 6

26Anti-litter campaign

An Amsterdam anti-litter campaign hired alcoholics to pick up trash and paid them in beer. - Source

27. Forensic lip readers have analyzed silent footage from World War 1 and were able to reconstruct conversations that were previously thought to be lost in time.

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28. After the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 13% of the US people were in favor of "killing off" all Japanese people. And after Japan surrendered, 22.7% of Americans wished more atomic bombs had been dropped. - Source

29. Starboard means "steer" board, which is the side of the steering oar on the right side since most people are right-handed. Naturally, in that case, the left-side will be where you dock with the "Port". - Source

30. Ben & Jerry’s was originally going to be a bagel company, but Ben and Jerry found the bagel-making equipment to be too pricey. Their plan was to deliver bagels, lox, cream cheese, and the New York Times on Sunday mornings. - Source

31British army

From 1860-1916, the British army required every soldier to have a mustache. - Source

32. The only reason we know about Onfime, a boy from the 13th century is because his handwriting lessons were found on pieces of birch. - Source

33. A man named Christopher Knight probably holds the record for the most burglaries committed. He was a hermit who lived in the Maine woods and avoided human contact for almost 30 years. - Source

34. Billionaires in London are building "Iceberg Mansions" where most of the home is below ground. - Source

35. When Robert Knievel was in jail, his cellmate's name was William "Awful" Knofel. When the jailer went to check on them he stated: "Well look who we have here, Awful Knofel and Evil Knievel." Thus the legend of Evel Knievel was born.

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36Female African clawed frog

Up until the 1960′s, the only reliable pregnancy test was to inject a woman’s urine into a female African clawed frog. If the woman was pregnant, the Frog would ovulate within 12 hours. - Source

37. A one pound onion has 191 calories, a blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse has 1954 calories. - Source

38. A group of women navigated canvas and plywood planes at night to drop 23,000 tons of bombs over invading German armies in World War 2. Their stealthy swooshing sounds led them to be known as the Night Witches. - Source

39. People sneeze differently around the world. In English, we say "Achoo!", Russians say "Apchkhi!", the Polish say "A-Psik!", and the Japanese say "Hakushon!". - Source

40. Tanya Savicheva was a young girl trapped in the Seige of Leningrad. She kept a diary of the names of each family member that died, ending with a final entry for herself: "The Savichevas are dead Everyone is dead Only Tanya is left"

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41Titanic expedition

An expedition to the Titanic accidentally recovered "a wedding band and part of a human finger", confirming that human remains still exist on the wreck. - Source

42. When the Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow stars during World War 2, it backfired. Doing so increased sympathy for the Jews, who were (contrary to Nazi propaganda) obviously not responsible for how badly the war was going. People began tipping hats to Jews as a symbol of anti-German resistance. - Source

43. In the early 20th Century, a surgical antiseptic was distilled and sold as a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea. It was then re-marketed as what we now know as Listerine. - Source

44. The spikes at the end of Stegosaurus's tail are called "thagomizers" because of a far side comic, published in 1982, that featured a cave man pointing to a diagram of a Stegosaurus tail with the caption "Now this end is called the Thagomizer--after the late Thag Simmons." - Source

45. Queen Elizabeth has reigned for so long, that 4 out of 5 UK residents weren't alive when she ascended the throne in 1953. - Source

46Sarah Breedlove

The first woman millionaire in the US was an African-American named Sarah Breedlove. In the 1890's she made her fortune by selling hair products designed and marketed for black women. - Source

47. The North American tribe of Chippewa believed a weasel could kill the dreaded Wendigo (Algonquian folklore) by rushing up its anus. - Source

48. In 2012, Walmart held a contest, in which the rapper Pitbull would perform in a Walmart with the most likes on its FB page. After the #ExilePitbull Twitter campaign, the shop in the remote island town of Kodiak, Alaska, ended up winning. - Source

49. In the midst of a three-year killing spree, over which he is believed to have murdered up to 130 people, serial killer Rodney Alcala was featured a contestant on The Dating Game and was picked by the bachelorette. She never followed up on the date because she found him "creepy". - Source

50. The term "Boycott" comes from Captain Charles Boycott, an Irish land agent who evicted farmers from their land during poor harvests. His entire town shunned him. He was forced to leave the country later that year. - Source

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