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1Navajo weaving

According to Navajo culture the weaver of a rug would deliberately put an imperfection, called a "ch’ihónít’i" ("spirit line"), believed to allow the release of the weaver's spirit from the woven item, and also symbolizes the perfection-in-imperfection. - Source

2. Pocahontas and Shakespeare were alive at the same time and died only a year apart. - Source

3. Kelsey Grammer expected to play Sideshow Bob only once on 'The Simpsons'. Although the actor does not like performing the character's evil laugh, Grammer says that Bob is the most popular character he has ever played, even more than Frasier Crane. - Source

4. In order to explore and exploit economic benefits from The Lord of the Rings movies, New Zealand's government appointed a "Minister of Lord of the Rings" to their cabinet. - Source

5. Simpsons creator Matt Groening chose yellow for the color of the characters because he wanted viewers to think the color on their television was off balance. - Source

6Peace symbol

The classic peace symbol is based on the semaphore signal for N and D, which stands for Nuclear Disarmament. - Source

7. Claudette Colvin was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus in segregated Montgomery, Alabama, 9 months prior to Rosa Parks. She was not promoted because she was a teenager who was impregnated by a married man. - Source

8. Las Vegas isn't actually in Las Vegas. Most of the strip and casinos are located in unincorporated Paradise, Nevada as a tax-dodge. - Source

9. Benjamin Lay was an 18th century Quaker vegetarian abolitionist who once kidnapped the child of slaveholders temporarily, to show them how Africans felt when their relatives were sold overseas. - Source

10. Dogs have slits on the outside of each nostril, which allows them to exhale without disturbing the scent particles in front of his nose. Breathing out the side slits helps release air while holding scent particles in the nostrils so that a dog isn't as likely to lose a scent.

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11HP Lovecraft

HP Lovecraft wrote nearly 100,000 letters in his lifetime, the second most number of letters written by anyone in recorded history; the first was French writer Voltaire. Lovecraft said, "I write [letters] exactly as easily and as rapidly as I would utter the same topics in conversation." - Source

12. 1 in 2 employees in the US in 2016 would leave their current job if they got a better offer. - Source

13. A disgruntled former 7-Eleven owner named Abu Musa in South Boston opened a new convenience store across the street from his old location. He named it 6-Twelve. - Source

14. Domino's dropped its "30 minutes or less" guarantee in the US in 1993 after a series of lawsuits accused the company of promoting unsafe driving. - Source

15. Dogs are used in courtrooms to help child crime victims tell their stories.

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16Hardwood and Softwood

The difference between hardwood and softwood has to do with how they reproduce, not the hardness of the wood, and that balsa wood - one of the softest woods - is a hardwood. - Source

17. After winning the 1962 European Cup, Benfica coach Béla Guttmann asked for a pay rise. When denied, he allegedly cursed the club and said: "Not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever win a European Cup". They have since reached 8 European Cup finals and lost all of them. - Source

18. In the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, skateboarding will be included for the very first time as an Olympic game. Bowling was also suggested but didn't make the final 5 additions. - Source

19. Frodo Baggins had the ring for 17 years before going on his quest instead of a couple of days the movie shows. - Source

20. In 2015, Spanish workers destroyed a 6,000-year-old Neolithic tomb, mistaking it for a broken picnic table. They replaced it with a ‘better' picnic table. - Source

21James Gordon Wolcott

James Gordon Wolcott killed his family with a .22 long-barrel in 1967. Found not guilty by reason of insanity, he was later released and is now a psychology professor and chair of the Behavioral Sciences department at Millikin University, going by the name James St. James. - Source

22. An Israeli peanut snack called Bamba, which is eaten at an early age within Israel greatly reduces the chance of the child having peanut allergies, and studies with high-risk children showed that eating Bamba made child's chances of contracting an allergy 5 times less than avoiding them. - Source

23. Bumblebees can fly higher than Mount Everest. - Source

24. During the 1912 Olympics, one of the Japanese athletes named Kanakuri Shizō abandoned the race and didn't notify race officials. He later completed it when he was notified of this in 1967, making his official finish time 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes, 20.3 seconds. - Source

25. The Foo Fighters once canceled a tour so they could play for David Letterman on his first show back from heart surgery. - Source


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