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1Chinese companies

Some Chinese companies hire white actors to pretend to be foreign businessmen so that the companies can seem more connected globally.

2. UFC CEO Dana White has been banned from the Palm, The Hard Rock Hotel and other casinos for winning too much at Blackjack. Thus he moves the UFC venues when they ban him.

3. It's possible to be declared brain-dead falsely because most physicians look at the brain stem, which controls heart and lung functions, but not the cortex, which coordinates consciousness.

4. Fiat's original car factory was designed so that each car would progress upwards storey by storey as it was assembled until it was finalized at the top, where it would be tested on a rooftop test track.

5. Smoking dead scorpions have become the latest drug craze in Pakistan and India, where it has been discovered to be an intoxicant.

6Bowling Lanes

Bowling lanes have a very thin patterned coat of oil that is crucial to consistently landing a strike.

7. In 2012, Jose Alvarenga, a Salvadorian fisherman, survived 438 days on a raft in the Pacific Ocean. With no motor or GPS or food, he survived on raw turtle and fish, rain water, turtle blood, and his own urine. He is believed to be the longest surviving castaway.

8. Michael Jackson got $2 for every Thriller album sold, which was one of the highest royalty rates of that time.

9. A person suffering from Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome has XY chromosomes but externally develops to be identical to XX girls/women. A vagina is present but no uterus. It's often undetected until a lack of 1st menstruation is noted. Most identify as women & grow up to be attracted to men.

10. The cast of FRIENDS entered collective negotiations with Warner Bros.' before season 3 and all 6 actors agreed to be given the salary of the LEAST paid cast member. They wanted to be a true ensemble and everyone featured equally. Near the end of the series, they were all paid $1 million/episode.

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Since 1990, the United States has added more acres of forest than it has lost, with almost 20 million new acres of forest land added in the last 2 decades.

12. Rapper Chamillionaire is a successful tech investor. One of his early investments, Maker Studios, recently sold to Disney for over $500 million. He's currently the "Entrepreneur in Residence" at a venture capital firm.

13. Bees can also detect bombs. 50 bees only need 2-3 hours of training.

14. In the movie Hook, the scene where Rufio swings his sword close to Peter Pan's face and says the line "You're dead, jolly man" was played in reverse for the movie. The actor had to learn to say those lines backward.

15. The 300 Club is the name given to people who have experienced an instantaneous 166 degree Celsius (300 °F) drop in temperature, in Antartica when the temperatures reach -73°C / -100°F.

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16Life expectancy

Between 2010-2015, the life expectancy in Botswana, due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, dropped from 70.7 years to only 31.6 years.

17. In the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, there was a mysterious detached leg found in the rubble of the destroyed building. Since all 168 victims’ legs have been accounted for, the left leg has perplexed investigators and has yet to be traced back to an owner.

18. In a few Appalachian forests, there are fireflies that glow blue for up to a minute instead of flashing yellow.

19. In 2010, a crocodile escaped out of a duffel bag onboard a flight in the Congo causing everybody to go to the front of the plane, which caused the plane to crash, killing 20 with 1 survivor.

20. Tsundoku is a Japanese slang for buying books but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them.


The average large pizza from Dominos and Pizza Hut in Japan costs $35. Delivery pizza is considered a luxury.

22. Classical pianist Joyce Hatto was described as "The greatest living pianist". After her death, it was found out that she and her husband (William Barrington-Coupe) plagiarized over 100 recordings made by other classical pianists of her time.

23. Blink 182 released "All the Small Things" because they knew they needed a "really catchy and basic" radio single.

24. Crocheting keeps only one knot open at a time whereas Knitting keeps an entire row open simultaneously.

25. Beaver's teeth are orange because they are fortified with iron which makes them strong and cavity-resistant. Their teeth also continuously grow and self-sharpen.


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