The world can be chaotic and crazy place, with so many actions and processes occurring simultaneously and haphazardly it can all get a bit too much at times. Sometimes however, arising from out of the chaos in beautifully satisfying fashion, there can occur moments of perfect harmony when everything just falls perfectly into place. We have compiled a list of times when all was as it should be, small serendipitous occasions when order and neatness ruled the day. Scroll down to check them out below.

1It fit Perfectly into his ear

2Oval picture frame

3What do you say about this?

4I had a pair of prescription lenses which fit perfectly in my mask. I could see all the fishes clearly

5This rubber band in my work computer’s keyboard fit perfectly

6My curved TV in the corner of my bedroom was a perfect fit

7God has chosen this vehicle

8My grandpa playing a standup bass

9This hotel looks fancy

10Doors are overrated

11'Let it Snow’ wrapping paper

12Soda can in railing

13Commentators wrist-cuff complete Dustin Johnson’s head

14These flower pots I bought today fit perfectly on the tiles

15Packing the presents in the car after Christmas

16It actually fits

17Shadow aligns perfectly

18My guesstimated morning smoothie

19I went to buy some groceries and this happened

20Cute Owl nesting in a hole in a tree fits perfectly

21There's only one way to store OCD medication

22I dropped the tuna can

23I work as a window cleaner, and this is the first time this has happened

24Oreo in a shot of milk

25My playing cards drawer


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