Why would you serve chips on a log? To disguise a portion that would fit inside a cigarette packet? Because nothing says “tasty” like a tiny recreation of a freshers’ week piss-up? Or is it because no one’s been kind enough to say: “Dude! You work in a greasy spoon!”?

Restaurants across the world, have seemingly ditched the humble plate in favor of a variety of weird and wacky receptacles — putting the “tit” in bon appétit in the process. But the Internet isn’t letting them get away with it. We have compiled a list of 100 pics from restaurants who are trying to stand out by serving their food in something other than plates and in the process making their customers look like idiots while eating.

1My bread was served inside a roadkill

2I put fries in an enclosed bowl so they steam and get soggy - some prick cook

3My boyfriend was just served a Bloody Mary in a fry basket

4My wife's cocktail was served in a hollow stone and had to be drunk through the hole, without a straw


6Cheese foam that is spooned onto the back of your hand by the waiter and then you have to lick it off

7I'm speechless

8Someone I know got her food on some kind of bone

9Self-aware absurdity? Apple pastry desert served on an image of a plate, On an iPad

10Ravioli on a clothesline

11Pizza on a snowboard

12I watched my fries drift away because someone else wanted fried zucchini

13A friend sent me this. I was not as impressed

14Literally 6 nachos for the whole table

15$70 a head luncheon? Have some butter on a rock

16This is the most awful thing ever. Broccoli impaled on a metal thing

17Overcooked eggs served in the pan that they were cooked in, Thanks

18The same tiles were in the bathroom

19It has a plate but still

20They actually gave me a plate but upside down

21A meringue served on a magnetically levitated pillow

22Just go ahead and dump my shrimp all over some empty beer cans, please

23A restaurant where the food is served directly onto the table

24Sunday dinner on a cake stand

25This dessert trend needs to stop


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