Have you ever visited a restaurant with a weird name? Perhaps completely misunderstood what you ordered and the result was funny? Or maybe you’ve somehow found yourself dining in a place that has a poster on its wall which made you WTF. If you answered “yes” to any of the above then this list of hilarious bar and restaurant fails, compiled by Pi Queen, is especially for you.

1This Mexican restaurant's menu

2I used to work at a restaurant that purchased Land O'Lakes buttered milk in bulk

3This window advertisement left an awesome shadow on this restaurant patron

4Boyfriend knocked over his orange juice. The waitress then brought him this

5I am lactose intolerant. This is what the waitress brought me for my birthday. It's a bread roll

6Told my waitress I was feeling sick, she came back with this

7Irish seven-course dinner

8Was eating my dinner at Skyline when a pizza man walked in and delivered two pies in exchange for 15 cheese coneys. No money was exchanged

9Had dinner at an expensive restaurant. This is how they delivered the bill

10My GF ordered 'A side of fries' with a southern accent

11We ordered 'one pepperoni pizza'

12My cousin's friend ordered a chicken burger and asked for mayo on the top and bottom, this is what she got

13This was the guy who took my order at A Taco John’s

14My friend ordered a large pizza with 8 cheese sticks. Apparently, the lady on the phone heard differently

15I went to McDonald's and ordered an 'ice-cream sandwich' out of boredom. They delivered

16Ordering at a restaurant, when suddenly

17We laughed the entire time we ordered

18I ordered steak at a restaurant and this was brought to me

19I ordered a white Mocha and had to do a double take

20I ordered a drink from the Chinese restaurant, got this on top

21I ordered a coke with an extra cup for the kids. This is what I got

22I don't remember ordering that

23I went to a Chinese place for dinner. My sister told them it was my birthday. This was my 'dessert'

24Mom ordered nothing for dessert. The restaurant gave her this

25Local restaurant speaks the truth


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