Have you ever felt disturbed when you see something unorganized or not in particular order. It’s a human behavior to feel that little uncomfortable itch which we can only scratch when we see or feel something that’s just perfect. Everybody has a different idea of perfection. For some it’s when a shadow perfectly aligns with the pavement or while others find perfection in finding round pebbles (or cats…). If you are a perfection junkie, then this post full of oddly satisfying perfection photos is gonna scratch your itch real good.

1Fractal of nature

2Landscape perfectly divided by the rails of a fence

3Organization in a party store

4Spice market

5Rice terraces

6Product Placement

7Perfect Hair Flip

8Tree Arrangement

9Perfectionist gas piping

10Organized tools

11The way the grass is cut

12Perfect fall gradient

13VW Beetle Sphere

14A perfect circle in a tumbleweed

15Perfect Sphere Made From Stones

16Shadow lining up with the roof perfectly

17Perfect pebble at the beach

18Perfect Snowflake

19Bubble Formation

20Perfect Grass

21Cool Folded Snow

22Tree Shadow

23Perfect tree reflection

24Swirled Bookstack

25A tiny island with its own cloud


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