If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these photos worth 2000 thousand words each because you need to look them at-least twice to understand them completely. They all are captured at impressive perfect timing that will confuse you.

76Strangers standing on shoulders

77Monster Dog

78It's not what it looks like


80This building in Houston, Texas

How it is actually built.

81Cozy nap

82Middle girl has no legs


84This guy really skipped leg day

85The magical floating torso

86A hallway after too much vodka

87Fallen Tree

88Surreal puddle in a parking garage

89Obama on a flying carpet


There is no panda in this pic. It is the anteater's leg.

91Mother bird warming chicks

92A warship in the Suez canal.

93Horse Girl

94Toddler Magician

95Extremely long beard

96Whose Hand is that

It is Baker's hand.


That's the shoe of the girl behind him.

98This is one picture

99Looks Poetic

100Invisible Glass

Fake blur in smartphones removes part of glass.


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