If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these photos worth 2000 thousand words each because you need to look them at-least twice to understand them completely. They all are captured at impressive perfect timing that will confuse you.

26Ultra-efficient Wind Turbine

27He looks good

28Something is wrong with this dog

29Sunken Table

30Rice Field

31Life of luxury

32This is a single image

33Those are Bathroom Tiles with Windows Painted

34Really tall bus

35Higher Education

36Wait, what...Oh, right

37This rock is actually in the water

38This guy floats!

39Maintenance Crew

40Three Legged Girl

41These Dogs Appear to be Merged Together

42A giant

43These are not tiny brontosauruses

44Giant Seagull

45Flying Island

46Demon Hound

47Three people at the game shop

48This Carpet & Lighting is Trippy

49That's a real plane

50A Fast Runner


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