If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these photos worth 2000 thousand words each because you need to look them at-least twice to understand them completely. They all are captured at impressive perfect timing that will confuse you.

1Despicable Me Legs

2Never skip arm day

3Cows are long in France

4Look again

5Nice legs

6This Golden Gate pic looks upside down

7This Confusing Hotel Pic

8Flying Boats

9Demon baby

10This is one photo

11T-Rex Arms

12Maybe she won't notice

13Subway station in Moscow

14This is a flat Toll Gate

15Kilimanjaro rising over the Serengeti

16Chinese Military

17That has got to hurt

18Absolute unit

19Just having a smoke

20Levitating horse

21Single Picture. Not a collage.


23Choose your dress wisely

242D building in Amsterdam

This is how it is actually built.

25This is a cat


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