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1Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy was assassinated during the exact same week that the Rolling Stones were recording 'Sympathy for the Devil.' The original lyrics were "I shouted out 'Who killed Kennedy?'" but Jagger changed it to "I shouted out 'Who killed the Kennedys?'"

2. Rolling Stones drummer, Charlie Watts, was sleeping one day when Mick Jagger phoned drunk to Watts' hotel room asking where was his drummer. Watts got up, suited-up, went to Jagger's room, punched him, and then replied: "Don't ever call me your drummer again. You're my fu*king singer!"

3. Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin's manager, is reported to have secured 90% of gate money from concerts performed by them. His trust and loyalty to Led Zeppelin was such that his managerial arrangement with the band was via a gentlemen's agreement.

4. Before Guns N'Roses, Slash once auditioned for the band Poison. He decided not to join when he was asked about wearing makeup.

5. Nirvana was adamantly told not to play the song "Rape Me" at the 1992 MTV Music Awards. Nevertheless, at the start of the performance, Cobain started playing the chords to "Rape Me" as MTV producers watched in horror. He then switched back to "Lithium", as scheduled.

6Kirk Hammett

Kirk Hammett encouraged Les Claypool to audition for Metallica after Cliff Burton died. After not getting the job, James Hetfield said it was because Claypool was "too good" and "should do his own thing."

7. Aerosmith earned more money from Guitar Hero than from any of their albums.

8. A 10+ hour film version of Dune was almost produced with Salvador Dali as the Emperor, with art by HR Giger and music by Pink Floyd.

9. In 1969, the founder and the original leader of the Rolling Stones (Brian Jones) got kicked out of the band and then died less than a month later.

10. Dave Grohl was so intimidated by Kurt Cobain that he hid a lot of the music he made while on tour with Nirvana. After Cobain's death, the tucked away music would become Foo Fighters' first album.

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11The God That Failed song

Metallica wrote the song "The God That Failed" because Hetfield's mother died due to Christian-science beliefs, influencing her to reject cancer treatment.

12. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd members helped to fund the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

13. Guns N' Roses hit song Sweet Child o' Mine came under controversy in 2015 when a very similar sounding track by a lesser known Australian rock band was discovered to have been released 6 years prior. Upon hearing the song, Guns N' Roses's bassist, Duff McKagan, called the similarities "stunning."

14. Rolling Stones readers voted Nirvana at one of the worst bands of the 1990's. Right along with Creed, Limp Bizkit, and Hanson.

15. Nirvana purposely hired a bad video director, Sam Bayer, so that the music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit would turn out to be rough and 'not corporate' like. But the video was so well received that it gave the band, along with MTV, major corporate success.

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16Weird Al Yankovic

When Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of Nirvana's song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," (which is called "Smells Like Nirvana") Nirvana's lead singer Kurt Cobain considered the parody as a sign that they had "made it" as a band.

17. The Rolling Stones were so impressed with the backup singer's voice in "gimme shelter" that you can hear them hooting in the background. They kept it in the studio recording as well.

18. Aerosmith had once written the music for a song, but couldn't come up with any words. They finally got their inspiration when they went to see Young Frankenstein movie. The song was Walk This Way, became one of the band's biggest hits.

19. Metallica's lawyer once sent a cease and desist letter to a Metallica cover band. Metallica later said they had no idea the letter had been sent and offered an apology and told Rolling Stone that they had started out as a cover band, adding "Heck, we even recorded a two-disc album of covers!"

20. The producer recording "Sweet Child O' Mine" with Guns N' Roses suggested there be a breakdown at the end of the song. The band had no idea where to take the song, resulting in the iconic repetition of "Where do we go now?"

21James Hetfield

The US military would play 'Enter Sandman' for hours on end to aid in the interrogation and torture of prisoners. When asked about this, Metallica's James Hetfield responded "We've been punishing our parents, our wives, our loved ones with this music for ever. Why should the Iraqis be any different?"

22. Pink Floyd's album "The Wall" is cyclical, with the phrase “Isn’t this where..." "...we came in?” split in half between the first and last song. When the two songs are spliced together, the complete phrase "Isn’t this where we came in?” forms, proposing that Pink's story repeats itself.

23. Led Zeppelin was sued by the band Spirit for stealing the famous intro to "Stairway to Heaven" from its song "Taurus".

24. When asked if there was validity in the media's criticism of violence in his movies, Quentin Tarantino said, "Sure, Kill Bill's a violent movie. But it's a Tarantino movie. You don't go to see Metallica and ask the f*ckers to turn the music down."

25. The Rolling Stones were criticized for high ticket prices on their 1969 US tour so they decided to hold a free concert. The festival was organized by the Grateful Dead and took place at the Altamont Speedway in 1969. It was a disaster and signaled the end of the hippie movement.


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