How do I love thee, tree? Let me count the ways; you change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe, you sequester carbon, and you provide shelter for countless critters. There are many reasons for which we should all be tree-hugging hippies, but within the scope of this article, all we’ll focus on plants and trees that people stumbled upon which were so interesting they couldn’t resist sharing it with the rest of the world.

26This plant is growing along the chains of a fence

27There was a bird on the very top of every tree at work today

28This palm tree fell over and curved right back up

29Someone mapped out the timeline of this of this random cut down tree in a cemetery

30The tree stump dissipated but the branches remained

31This tree I saw today looks like it didn’t render correctly

32There was a tree inside the tree I cut down

33This tree has nearly totally grown around a sign

34I found a tree growing through speed limit sign

35I saw an apple tree with no leaves but plenty of apples

36Bonsai tree growing out of a regular tree trunk

37This tree refuses to die

38This tree looks like it is kissing a boulder

39My plant is growing perfectly symmetrically

40My friend has plants in his car

41I found some kind of water plant at the beach with little stones attached to its roots

42My mom sculpts plant pots to look like humans with hair

43This plant looks like it was kicked in the nuts and spat out a branch

44This plant grows in this glass bottle half underground

45This plant dies as it grows

46The way this plant decomposed around its seed is just interesting

47My father in law standing next to his currently blooming Century Plant. It blooms approximately once every twenty years

48This fallen redwood tree looks like it burst into 2x4s

49This tree has no leaves except for the area lit by the streetlight

50A network of tunnels wood mites made on a piece of tree bark


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